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A Weekly Bit of Grace

A weekly bit of Grace Bible Church of Clarksville TN
For the week of: April 9th, 2017

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Our Worship Location
Sunday service at Grace Bible Church is held at the Riverview Inn downtown
Time: 10:30AM each Sunday



  • Offering for Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins

We will collect an offering for Jeff and Lou Ann Hawkins trip to Africa on Sunday April 30th. Please give generously. They will be in Africa for the month of June.

  • Church Picnic

We will be having a church picnic at the Rhemann’s on Sunday morning April 23rd at 10:30 AM.  Will not be worshipping at the Riverview Inn. Please bring enough food for yours and one other family. Please bring your own chairs. The church will provide the drinks.  The schedule for thatSunday will be: eat and fellowship, worship and play.

  • Candid Conversations

Sunday April 30th will be Candid Conversations. If you have a question you would like Pastor Mark to answer from Scripture there are three ways to contact him: 1) write the question on the information card 2) email: 3) text: 9312163154

  • Lent

For this week of lent we will be fasting from social media.  Also if you haven’t had a chance to do some of the earlier emphases please do so this week.  Don’t forget to invite your friends to church on Easter Sunday.

  • Noon Services

The downtown churches will be hosting noon services every day of this week. Each service will last about 40 minutes with lunch to follow.  Please take the opportunity to attend.  The schedule is as follows:

April 10 Madison St. United Methodist Rene Llanos
April 11 Immaculate Conception Catholic Steve Wolf
April 12 Trinity Episcopal Church Meghan Holland
April 13 First Baptist Church Jimmy Terry
April 14 First Presbyterian Church Mark Totten

  • Franklin Graham Coming to Clarksville

Mark your calendar: Franklin Graham will be coming to Clarksville on Thursday Evening May 18th at 7:30 PM for an outdoor event  at the Liberty Park Marina. More details to follow. There will be numerous opportunities to volunteer at this event. If you would like to volunteer to serve go to

  • Prayer Meeting

There will be a city wide prayer meeting on April 25th at First Baptist Church at 7:00 PM in anticipation of the Franklin Graham event.

  • Save the Date

Ladies Retreat!
May 26-28 2017
$130 per person for 2 nights
$80 per person for 1 night