From Pastor Mark

Pastor Mark sent the following letter to the Grace Bible Church community following the massive flooding in 2010.


Dear GBC family,

As I am sure you are all aware by now our building in the Two Rivers Business Center was much more severely damaged than we anticipated. We still are not sure when we will be able to get inside the building. As more than one of you have mentioned over the last few weeks, God has laid out the future before us in a rather unusual way.

With this in mind, here is what the immediate future holds for Grace Bible Church:

1. Sunday Services will be held at West Creek High School at 10:30 AM. There will be one service. This will be our new gathering place until further notice.

2. There will be no Sunday School Classes or Nursery through Memorial Day Weekend. This means your children will be with you during the entire service. This will give our children’s ministry team time to prepare and plan. Time to reorganize our nursery volunteers and a chance to organize some set up teams to assist the children’s and worship team on Sunday Mornings. We hope to begin our regular programs by the 1st Sunday in June- that is our goal.

3. Since the children will be in the services the next few Sundays our services will be shortened. We are gong to add a corporate time of prayer for our community and our body. Believe or not the sermon will be shortened. It will give us a chance to mourn what we have lost and begin to anticipate the future God has for us.

4. Do not attempt to visit or enter the building on Riverside Drive, unless you are contacted by me or an elder via phone or email. This is for safety and legal reasons. Even if Riverside Drive is open, wait until you hear something from us. There will be a small team of us to go in and make an initial inspection. We will determine what can be salvaged, consult with the landlord, and then contact you.

One final thought: we have not lost our church; we have lost the place we have met for a long time. We will feel the loss and there will be a time to mourn. However, GBC is alive and well. God is still on His throne, The HS is still our comforter, and Jesus Christ is still the rock upon which His church is being built.

There will be more informational emails to follow and we will also use our church’s website to keep you updated.

Pastor Mark

PS. At Mayor Piper’s meeting yesterday he gave the following number for any of you who want to volunteer to help others clean up. This would be a great opportunity to serve the community. The agency that is coordinating volunteers is the Community Action Council, call 931 648-5774, ext 103.